My Philosophy

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” — Albert Einstein

We live in a very complex world that relies on technology, creativity, thinking outside the box, and needing the job done “yesterday!”

I know what I know!  Years of experience in legal, medical, corporate and nonprofit environments gives me a head start. Instinct and the ability to ask the hard questions coupled with over forty years’ of hands-on experience gives me the confidence and basic instinct needed to complete the task at hand, quickly and professionally.

My Story

I strive to over deliver and never ever miss a deadline!

Hi, I’m Ramona Massimo and I began offering virtual services to individual business owners and non-profits organizations as far back as 2012. Like most baby boomers I was forced to choose between working full time and providing care to my late parents, grandparents and husband. Thankfully my administrative, bookkeeping and IT skills were enough to keep food on the table during those difficult times.

Even when I worked full-time, I always managed to have a side business offering co-workers and friends troubleshooting individual computer problems and offering training sessions for those that thought the CD tray was a cupholder and who wondered why they couldn’t find the “any key.”  I delivered presentations on internet safety focused on the differences of malware and viruses to veteran, senior and community groups.

In 1995 I fell in love with the internet and learned the ins and outs of transitioning from a DOS environment to the new Windows operating systems. I played an integral part in making sure our company was ready for Y2K. Having worked on MACs I found the transition to the Windows environment a lot easier than most. These days, people freak out when I go to a DOS prompt. I began building websites back when we had to code in the HTML and FTP the files. Over the years I have taken every opportunity to expose myself to the constant changing technology and social media that make up today’s marketing environment.

During the years of running my web and desktop publishing company I have had the opportunity of working with so many clients from all walks of life. There have been times that I have been able to voice shared political views like the time I was asked to design a powerpoint presentation that focused on getting the “Word” out that churches needed stronger online presence. This client had acquired statistics showing the enormous amount of pornographic content that exists on the internet — “satan at play”  he stated.  So why aren’t we, as Christians, fighting back  — Fight fire with fire, I say!!  In 2012 I began providing services to churches and nonprofits and created my website

For the past ten years, I have also provided onsite and virtual accounting services which include bookkeeping, A/R, A/P, financial and analytical reporting, and payroll services.

Ramona “Lisa” Massimo

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